Save Your Work

During the final exam period, you'll put your work in a Google Drive folder and write short descriptions for each assignment. If you've already made a web portfolio, show me that instead.

1. Make a folder on your Google Drive and put copies inside of all the assignments below that you have:

• Reference Room Sign

• Resource Office Sign

• Photoshop Contest

• Mr. Foster's Page Logo

• Mother's Day Poster Contest

• Room 104 Sign

• Social Media Graphic

• Courier Flag

• College & Career Center Animated GIF

• Logan Live Opening Music (the mp3 file)

• Podcast (the mp3 file)

• Logan Family Center Sign

• Flash Train Animation (save it as a movie and put the movie in your folder)

2. Make a Google Doc in that folder. Type a little paragraph for every assignment describing what the assignment was and why you made it the way that you did. Example:

Reference Room Sign:

Our librarian wanted a new sign for our Reference Room. It had to be 3 feet wide and 2 feet tall, and she wanted it to be readable from a distance and to be creative in a way that was appealing to students. I decided to use a Star Wars theme. I made our principal, who was very popular, look like a stormtrooper, and I used a Star Wars font for the text. To make it more visible at a distance, I used a thin border around the edge and made sure that the text was big and high-contrast.

3. Show me your folder and your Google Doc with your descriptions.