Student Planner and Handbook Cover (Updated)

Our principals would like you to make an excellent student handbook cover. If you do a really good job, your cover might appear on ALL OF THE STUDENT HANDBOOKS!

• Check out the image below for guidelines. Keep images and text a little away from the edge; the person who designed this one didn't do that, and the hooves and tail were cut off.

• Sketch out the cover first in pencil if you haven't already.

• Use BIG pictures! In Yahoo Images (, after you search, click L under Size.

• If you use images from the Internet, only use ones with permission: in Yahoo Images, after you search, click Any License (on the upper-right of your screen), then click Free to modify, share, and use.

• If you want to use pictures of Logan students, go to the Logan web page ( and click on JLHS, then Pictures. Mr. Brar says that we have permission to use any of those pictures.

• Doing this with a Chromebook? Don't have Photoshop?

Use the advanced Pixlr editor ( It will do most of the things that Photoshop will do. I’ve been using it for the last few days, and it works pretty well. One thing that took me a while to figure out: when you click a tool, like the text tool, and you want to type over the image, you have to make a new layer first in the layer window before you can type. The paintbrush tool was like that, too. Also, it's easier to use if you plug in an external mouse. If you're using Pixlr on a computer, I had fewer problems when I used it with the Chrome browser.

• Save it as a PNG file when you're done, and turn it in on Google Classroom by Friday.

• Have fun! :-)

Cover image