Using the Student Server

The server is a computer in another room on which you can store files.

Once you follow some steps (below) and type in a password, a special folder appears on your computer.  You copy files to the server by dragging the files to that special folder.

• The server is good for transferring files from one computer to another.

• It's also good for making backups of your projects.

• You will occasionally be asked to turn in your projects to a folder on the server.

• Don't use it to store the original copies of your files--it's too slow for that.

• Don't put anything private or important there--it's not secure, and it will be erased at least twice a year.

1.  Switch to the Finder by clicking on the desktop.  Click on Go-->Connect to Server.

go connect to server

2.  In the Server Address box, type and click Connect.


3.  Enter the name and password for your class (posted on the wall), then click Connect:

passwords on wall

4.  Select "Students" when it asks you which volumes you wish to mount, and click OK.

5.  Wait for a window to open with a bunch of numbered folders in it. When it opens, scroll down to yours.

If your login name was s1078, for instance, scroll down to that number and double-click on it.

6.  Inside that folder are a bunch of different period folders. Open the one for your period.

7.  Inside that folder is another one that says "student files." Open that one.

8.  Okay, now: if you're just here to turn something in, you should see a folder for your assignment. Drag and drop your project in there, then log out (scroll to the bottom of this page to see how).

9. If you're not here to turn something in, but are here instead to create a place to store your files (for backup or to move files from one computer to another), then make a folder in here with your name on it, and drag your files into that folder.

10.  ALL THESE STEPS?  Every time I want to log on?  What a pain!  I agree.  

If you drag the Student Files folder to your Dock (to the left of the Trash, but to the right of that vertical line), it should stay there forever, and from then on you can double-click on it, enter the name and password, and go straight to your folder instead of having to go through all of those steps.  This is what it looked like when I dragged mine to my Dock:

drag to dock