Resource Office Sign

Ms. Dal Porto would like you to make a sign for the Resource Office.

It's going to be similar to the Reference Room sign, but smaller.

You'll make it in Photoshop. If you are at home this week, you can make it with Pixlr ( instead.

Two ideas for themes, which could take the form of a graphic or a quote:   1. Inclusivity    2. Overcoming challenges

Requirements (note the size change below):

• High Contrast:  no brown text on black, for example.   Use dark-colored text on a light background or vice-versa.

• Sans Serif:  Use a sans-serif font.  Sans-serif text is easier to read on a sign.  Use fonts that don't have thin lines.

• Upper-and-Lower Case:  Use upper-and lower case instead of ALL UPPER CASE when possible to make it easier to read.

• Size:  24" wide and 18" high, which (at 72 pixels per inch) is 1728 pixels x 1296 pixels.

Font Size:  As big as possible without making the sign seem crowded.

Border:  Make a border around the edge of your sign.  Borders have been shown to increase the reading speed of signs by 26%.

• Graphics:  You are encouraged to be creative and use graphics.  Use graphics in a way that will not make the sign harder to read.

Give credit for any images that you use in your sign--put the URL in tiny, almost invisible letters on the bottom.