Creating a Flag for The Courier

Wouldn't it be great to see your design at the top of our school newspaper?

For starters, go to and check out the current flag (sometimes called a masthead).  The image below shows where the flag is:

current Courier flag

Your new one needs to say "The Courier" or "The James Logan Courier".


It should also have the school's address: 1800 H Street, Union City, CA 94587.

Colors: Use colors that harmonize with the color scheme of the current Courier web page, the school's colors, or some combination of the two. It's more likely to get chosen if it's tasteful.


Don't just type your text--make it more interesting. If you are going to use Photoshop, search for "photoshop text effect tutorials" on Google (check out the videos, too), and pick one that looks professional and is appropriate for The Courier. Then, click on the link and use the tutorial to make text that looks like that.


You may also use Canva to make your flag.


Because The Courier is a real website that has thousands of viewers and real advertising, you have to pay attention to copyright law--you can't just grab a random picture from Google Images and use it. Here are some possibilities:

• Draw a picture or take a photo yourself (or get someone to do it for you)--that way, you'll own the rights to it.

• Use an image that is in the public domain. If you have trouble finding a non-copyrighted image, ask me for help; you can set Google or Yahoo to find those for you.

• Use an image that Logan already owns.

• Get permission to use somebody else's copyrighted picture--send an E-mail asking for it, and keep the E-mail after you get it.

• Companies also sell people the rights to use their images (the payments are called royalties), but you probably won't want to pay for one.


Next, make your flag in Photoshop.  The flag has to be 1200 pixels by 300 pixels. Here's what that shape looks like:

1200x300 pixel box

When you're done, save it as a PNG image, and name it with your first name and last name, like this:   hugh_talkinamee_flag.png  

Have fun!