Rule of Thirds

Learn about the "rule of thirds" and crop a centered picture to show that you understand it.

A really simple rule of composition called the rule of thirds can make your pictures more interesting.  If you're taking a picture, you can use this rule to frame your shot; if you're cropping a picture, you can use this rule when cropping.

Read about the "rule of thirds" here and here. Got the idea?  Good.

Now show me that you understand this by cropping two pictures to make them conform to the rule:

• Crop this one first (from and save it under a different name.

• Next, use Yahoo Images to find a picture of a prairie dog that's in the center of the picture and has a lot of room around it (I searched for "prairie dog"--did you spell it right?).  Crop the picture to conform to the rule of thirds.  Also, choose your crop so that the prairie dog appears to "look" in the direction of the center of the frame--this will look better. Save the cropped picture under a different name so that you can show me both the original and your cropped version at the same time.