Try out Tools and Filters

Try out all of the tools and effects you haven't used yet, and tell me about your favorite ones on binder paper.


1. Open the original Bat Boy image to use as a test for the tools, effects, and filters.

If you don't have the original Bat Boy image, open any image you want.


2. Play with all the unfamiliar tools on the left side of your screen.

Click on each one that you haven't used already, and play with it. When you select a tool, the bar above the image will change to show you the options--be sure to adjust the options, too.

After you play with each tool, be sure to click on Edit-->Undo before playing with the next one.


3. On binder paper, write which three tools you think are the most useful. Don't turn it in yet--you have one more thing to do first.


4. Play with all the filters:

1. Select them from the Filter menu at the top of the screen. Play with all the filters (right side) in all of the categories (left side):

filter list


5. On the same paper as the three useful tools, write what your 3 favorite effects / filters are. Turn it in to the in-box.

Your name and period are on the paper, aren't they? Of course they are! :-)