Photoshop Contest

Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, to our latest PHOTOSHOP CONTEST!


Your Topic:

Make a silly (but realistic-looking) image to go along with an actual news headline, and write the news headline on the picture. Examples of stories that would inspire good images:


• Got Crocs? Be Careful on the Escalator ; click here to see a sample image


Nebraska State Senator Sues God ; click here to see a sample image



Here's how this is going to work:

1. Find a story to base this on. Try looking through some odd news headlines from THIS WEB SITE or THIS WEB SITE or THIS OTHER WEB SITE (remember, this is a family show--some of the stories may not be appropriate). If you can't find a good story, talk to me.

2. Find your original pictures on the internet and put them together carefully. SAVE THE ORIGINALS!

3. Write the news headline on the picture when you're finished. Outline the text (Layer --> Layer Style --> Stroke) in a contrasting color so that the text is easy to read.

4. On day 3, you're going to look at everybody else's pictures and pick your favorite.

5. The grand prize will be one engraved portrait of George Washington.



• Start with large pictures of high quality.

• Before you copy using the lasso, try setting the Feather to 2 or 3 and check the anti-aliasing box--that will allow you to paste with a soft edge:

Feather control

• Try to find pictures in which the lighting is similar. You may have to adjust the lighting (as you did when you fixed my bad flash photo) to make the skin tones match so that it's as realistic as possible.

• Try to use the smudge tool as little as possible, and use a light setting when you do (if you use this too much, it makes the picture blurry in a way that sometimes makes it obvious that the picture was messed with).


Good luck! You have today and tomorrow to make your pictures; you'll upload and vote the day after that.