PowerPoint Hyperlinks

Add buttons to go forward and back.


1. Open your basic PowerPoint presentation

by double-clicking on your presentation's icon.


2. Select View --> Master --> Slide Master.

Anything you do to this "slide master" will appear on all of your slides; we're going to put the buttons here so that we don't have to do them for every single slide.


3. Close the stupid computer helper, if it appears, by clicking OK.

This is the slide master, you say? Thanks for the tip!


4. Click on Slide Show --> Action Buttons --> Previous Slide.


5. Click and drag to make a button on the lower left.


6. Make sure that the "hyperlink to" says "previous slide," then click OK.


7. Make a "next slide" button in the same way.

Make the "next slide" button in the lower-right corner of the screen.


9. Select View --> Normal to go back to the normal view:


10. Try out your buttons by clicking on Slide Show --> View Show.

You may want to move your pictures and text out of the way of your buttons.


11. Save your presentation.