Exporting PowerPoint Presentations

as a PDF and a movie


1. Open your PowerPoint presentation.



2. To save as a PDF, Select File --> Print:



3. To print four pages on one, select Layout from the pulldown menu:



4. Select 4 pages per sheet:



5. Click PDF, then Save as PDF.



6. Save it to your desktop; you'll see this box. Click "Use .pdf":



7. To save your presentation as a movie, click on File --> Save as Movie:



9. Go to your desktop and check out your PDF and movie.

Note that both of these methods of saving lose something in the translation . . .


Image source: www.hornetfootball.org/boosters/images/page/ThatsAllFolks.jpg

(source: www.hornetfootball.org/boosters/images/page/ThatsAllFolks.jpg)