Expository iMovie

Something that is expository explains, describes, gives information, or informs.

Your second iMovie will explain, describe, inform, or give information about something.

This iMovie:

1. Will be at least 30 seconds long (can be longer).

Keep it under a minute if you can.


2. You have about eight school days to work on it.

You can tell your story with a combination of still and moving pictures.


3. Make a proposal--a list of what your video is going to have in it (due tomorrow).

A sample proposal is below--it can be typed or neatly handwritten:

4. Your iMovie must have:

• Titles (at least one)

• Your name somewhere (could be a title at the beginning or a credit at the end)

• Some video and some pictures (at least one video).

• More than one of your still pictures must have the Ken Burns effect (pan and zoom).  I want the Ken Burns effect to be different from picture to picture--so don't have it zoom in every time.

• Some sound (music or effects or narration)

• Some transitions

• Must be free of obvious mistakes

• Must show care and effort

• Must have "credits" at the end saying where you got your material.  I want your idea to be original--no Wikipedia rehashes, okay? :-)  

• Use at least three sources (all sources need to be in the credits).