Save Five Videos

Today, you're going to save five videos for use with iMovie. Review the ones below, and save five of them to your desktop.

Save them to your desktop by right-clicking (or control-clicking) on the links and selecting the Save or Download option from the menu.


Try these out, or find your own:

• 747 Jet exhaust blows a car off the taxiway at San Francisco Airport:


• Bill Gates gets a pie in the face (this won't play in your browser; control-click on the name and save it to your desktop before playing it):

• Dancing Baby:

• The Tacoma Narrows Bridge before it collapsed:

• Ford's Evil Car Commercial:


• UFO seen during shuttle mission STS-101:

• Wendy's "Iron Curtain Fashion" Ad:

• Alka Seltzer Ad:


• Motorcycle Video:



• Monkey with a Death Wish:



• Wild Ride at the Texas State Fair (won't play in your browser):


• Russian Tunnel of Death - Russian drivers skid on icy roads inside a tunnel (won't play in your browser):



• Drive-Through Disaster (won't play in your browser):



• Luckiest Train Inspector in the World (won't play in your browser):



• Bank Collapse (won't play in your browser):