GIF Animation:  Planning

Ever see simple animation drawn on the corners of a book, and then flipped rapidly?  This is like that.

1.  Think of some simple motion you can animate in 8 to 16 frames.  Examples would be:

            * dribbling a basketball

            * a bird flying

            * a flower growing

            * the sun coming up and/or going down

            * a person doing jumping jacks

            * those animated smiley faces on forum pages

          You're either going to work in this shape (160 x 120 pixels):

                    160 x 120 size

          ...or this shape (320 x 120 pixels):



2. Draw storyboards in pencil--click here to print extra sheets.  

        If you're going to use 160 x 120, draw your individual images on your storyboard sheet like this:

                square storyboards

        If you're going to use 320 x 120, draw them like this (do the others on the back side):

                  longer storyboards

        Here's an example of a storyboard I drew of a flower growing:

                  scanned storyboard picture

3. After you've drawn the storyboards (in pencil), show them to me.