Basic iMovie


1. Open iMovie:

imovie icon



2. Click "Projects":

click "Projects" screenshot



3. Click "Create New":

click create new



4. Click "Movie." If it asks you to choose a theme, click None:

click movie



5. Drag five brief videos and two still pictures to the timeline.

drag vids and pics



6. Trim video clips to make them shorter:

trim clips



7. Add a title to your movie:

add title screenshot




8. Add transitions:

add transitions




9. Add a sound effect to one of your videos:

add sound effect




10. Add a video effect to one of your videos:

add video effect




11. Apply an audio effect to the sound of one of your videos:

add audio effect




12. Apply the Ken Burns effect to ONE of your pictures, but not the other:

apply ken burns



That's it--you're done! :-)