Second PowerPoint Presentation


1. Requirements:

* A title slide (should have your title and your name)

* Six slides about your topic (each slide has some text and at least one image)

* A sources slide (list of where your pictures and information came from, like a bibliography)


2. Choose your topic (today):

Any topic is okay, though I will give you extra credit for a topic related to your English or history classes.


3. Check out Garr Reynolds' PowerPoint tips here ( before you sketch your presentation.

4. Draw storyboards in pencil (today and tomorrow). They should include:

* Pictures (stick figures are OK)

* Text (written out; six lines or fewer on each slide; I'm expecting you to write the text yourself. You should have very little text--did you check out the Garr Reynolds page above?).

* Description of background and text (can be notes in the margin).

I will give you blank storyboard sheets. Need extras? Click here and print more.

Here are the storyboards I drew for my presentation (click to enlarge):

Storyboard #1 Storyboard #2 Storyboard #3 Storyboard #4


Click here to see what my finished presentation looked like. I changed the order of some of the slides, but it's otherwise very similar.



5. Turn in your storyboards on the second day.


6. Search the Internet and save pictures (a day and a half):

Save any information and pictures that you want to use. Be sure to write the URL (web address) of the pages that you got the information and pictures from. I would suggest copying and pasting into a word processor whenever you save anything; you can take notes by hand, too, if you want.

By the way--Yahoo and Google are not sources. You probably used Yahoo or Google to find your pictures, but the actual picture came from some other site. The URL was likely at the top of the page when you were downloading the picture; use that on your sources page.


7. Make your presentation in PowerPoint (two days).


8. Check your presentation:

* Does it use sans-serif fonts, which are better for viewing at a distance?

* Does it have a visual theme of some kind (consistent, non-white background and fonts)?

* Does it have a title slide at the beginning (with a title and your name or names on it)?

* Does it have a sources slide at the end describing where all the pictures and ideas are originally from (not just Yahoo or Google)?

* Does it have eight slides total (title, six slides in the middle, and a sources slide)?

* Is it free of obvious mistakes (spelling, punctuation, etc.)?

* Is the text big and easy to read against the background?

* No more than six lines of text on every slide?

* Does it have quotes around any text taken directly from a source?


9. Turn in your presentation during the second week after you've made sure it has everything above.